"Wrap yourself in memories"

T-shirt quilt services

T-shirt quilts preserve your memories and keep you warm and snuggly while doing so. Gather all those wonderful memories and let me create a one-of-a-kind quilt for you.

  • All quilts are completed with quality 100% cotton fabrics for sashing, borders and backing fabrics

  • Your quilt will be professionally machine quilted using an APQS Millennium computerized quilting system

  • T-shirts are backed with a light-weight woven fusible interfacing to stabilize the t-shirt for sewing

  • 80/20 cotton/poly batting is used unless something different is requested

Corner Studio offers two types of t-shirt quilts, without sashing and with sashing.

Pricing without sashing (t-shirt sewn to t-shirt, no fabric in between shirts). Quilt will include a machine sewn double binding and t-shirt squares will range from 12-15 inches square. Sizing is approximate depending on the t-shirt style and size.

Throw    56"x75"   16 shirts  $275

Twin       60"x90"   24 shirts  $325

Queen    90"x105"  42 shirts  $550

Pricing for a quilt with sashing (fabric between each t-shirt).

Pricing: Price includes all materials except for the t-shirts. Quilts will include a sashing and border with a machine sewn double binding, and t-shirt blocks will be from 12 to 15 inches square.

Common size and price examples:

Number of blocks     Approximate size    Price

16                             54" x 54"                  $336

20                             54" x 68"                  $420

24                             60 x 91                    $504

30                             73 x 88                    $630

42                             84 x96                     $882

All sizes are approximate because of the varying design sizes on T-shirts. 


Do not pre-cut the T-shirts

If the front and back of the T-shirt is to be used this counts as two T-shirt squares

Small logos can be pieced together or within a pieced block for an additional fee

Preparing your t-shirts: Under construction