My services

Corner Studio offers edge-to-edge quilting and binding services. I can supply the batting and thread of your choice.

Edge to Edge designs


The pricing for longarm quilting services is based on the size of the quilt and is determined by the density of the design.


Edge-to-edge all over     $0.0175 per square inch

Denser designs               $0.02 per square inch


Machine stitched binding to front side 10 cents per linear inch

Machine stitched binding to front and then turned with machine stitching to the back 20 cents per linear inch


Thread $7

Variegated thread $10


Additional Services;

Seaming the backing fabric from single fabric $15

Cutting and joining binding strips $15

There is a $50 minimum quilting charge


To determine the total number of square inches:

Measure the length and width of the quilt in inches, multiply the length times the width for total square inches.


Example: 70 inches wide x 84 inches tall = 5,880 sq. inches 5,880 x .0175 = $102.90



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Preparation Instructions


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